In July 16, in the meantime the last scheduled live performance (in Pilsen together with Hammerfall, Edguy and Debustrol) will be the last one for singer Michal Říha. The reason of his leaving is a dissimilar attitude towards the future musical direction of the band (power/progressive metal). We thank Michal for the good job in the band and wish him to achieve a great success in singing.
Rea Silvia has started looking for a singer.

Reviews: demo ,,Víra´´ (Strutter zine)

New photos of the whole band and single members
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Expanded history
A new EP ”Vira“ in the Discography
Three songs from the EP for downloading

Michal Ryšávka (keys) decided to leave the band because of being fully occupied by another band and taking a diverse view of next Rea Silvia perspective. Now, he is working at a new CD of Rea Silvia.After finishing the CD, songs will be available in Downloads.

Photos: Live - Prestice, Nuceny Vysek

Photos: Live - Spalené Porici

Downloads: wallpapers

A new internet adress, a new design of pages Rea Silvia thanks webmaster Von Kluge for his work at the old version of pages Concert photos of Rea Silvia in Losiná near Pilsen, new photos of actual members of the band Particulars about members Photos taken in Dracula Fest 2002 Photos- The others