Rea Silvia came back to the Metal scene after almost 7 years of rest in December 1999. Only guitarist Karel Čarný remained from the original composition of the band, which had parted at the turn of the years 92-93. New members were: Michal Říha (vocals), Jiří Presl (guitar), Jaroslav Presl (drums) and Václav Zelenka (bass). In July 2000 Rea Silvia recorded an album called “Our Hidden World” at Accent Studio in Pilsen. The album included 9 songs, total playing time was 39 minutes. In August 2001 Karel Čarný unexpectedly decided to leave the band. After several month Michal Ryšávka filled the empty place with  keyboards and spended more than two years in the band. Before leaving he recorded an EP called “Víra” involving three songs in his home studio. Guitarist Petr Farkaš was introduced there, who had already come at the end of May 2003 and became the last support until now. A style of Rea Silvia is mainly close to the Speed Metal, in part to the Heavy and Power Metal.

Michal Říha - vocals
Petr Farkaš - guitar
Jirka Presl -
Václav Zelenka - bass
Jarda Presl - drums